Make a Social Impact!

11 October 2016
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Communities Channel Scotland is hosting the Social Impact Pledge, a Scottish Government initiative aimed at increasing the social impact of public sector organisations across Scotland.

The Social Impact Pledge asks public sector organisations across Scotland to commit to increasing their social impact by making a public commitment to changing three aspects of their current operations or policies. This should be three things that they are not doing currently and haven't done before.

We are appealing to public sector organisations to consider making a dyslexia related pledge.

Some suggestions are:

  1. Provide Dyslexia Awareness training for our staff
  2. Adapt our written communication to dyslexia friendly formats (publications, emails, website, signage)
  3. Become corporate members of Dyslexia Scotland – or encourage our staff to join as individuals
  4. Install dyslexia friendly assistive software on our PCs
  5. Work with Dyslexia Scotland to run a dyslexia friendly recruitment drive
  6. Take part in / host Dyslexia Awareness Week activities at work
  7. Fundraise for Dyslexia Scotland e.g. through sponsored walks, cycles, a fun run, a craft fayre or bake sale

Could you suggest a dyslexia related pledge to public sector organisations in your community? The local Council, Police Station or NHS services perhaps? Here is a sample letter which you can use to contact your local services.

For more information, visit Social Impact Pledge page. Organisations can contact Dyslexia Scotland for help putting dyslexia pledges into action.