Investing in Volunteers Award

17 May 2021
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Dyslexia Scotland is pleased to announce that we have re-achieved the Investing in Volunteers award. This accolade recognises the management, support and expertise of the systems and structures that support over 160 volunteers who provide vital help and support to the work of the organisation. Investing in Volunteers (IiV) is a development tool with a quality framework that demonstrates best practice in volunteer involvement and management. Over 200 organisations, from small local groups to large national organisations, in Scotland have achieved the award. Volunteer Scotland oversees the Investing in Volunteers award in Scotland.

Part of the process involves the Assessor interviewing volunteers, Board members and staff members about their volunteering experience or how they support volunteering in the organisation. The Assessor then writes a final report which is quality checked before being sent to the four nation IiV Panel for consideration.

Here are a few quotes from our final report:

  • Several volunteers noted a feeling of community around their engagement with the organisation including “I have an immense sense of belonging here and feel that I am appreciated and valued in a way I have never felt in any other volunteering I have done” and “it’s a community – there is such a mix of people involved and the staff always emphasise that each of us has something really important to bring from our skills and individual life stories”
  • Volunteers interviewed during the assessment reflected a breadth of engagement and interest with one volunteer noting, “our volunteers are from all over the country, all ages and all backgrounds. I know some have come to share their professional experience and others their very personal perspective. Everyone has something to give; we are all a part of the jigsaw and we are all made very welcome.” 
  • One volunteer said, “regardless of how busy things are the staff will always take time out to say thank you.”   Another volunteer said “it’s the little things they do that just makes you feel so valued. When they can, they will offer you the opportunity to take part in opportunities like paid-for training, or the chance to go along to the Parliamentary reception. A staff member said “Some of the most important improvements we have made as an organisation has been as a result of feedback from our volunteers. They bring so much lived experience to everything we do”.

The award is valid for three years, before we would be required to re-apply. Volunteers Manager, Helen Fleming, said “The Investing in Volunteers process provides a great opportunity for us to review our volunteering support and management processes and procedures. Our ongoing work is to ensure that volunteers feel well-supported in their roles and the IIV process provides an ideal opportunity to check-in with volunteers about that support.”

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