Important report on neurodiversity at work launched today

22 January 2018
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Ground-breaking report on barriers to employment

Westminster AchieveAbility Commission launches important report on employment barriers for people with dyslexia

A ground-breaking report is being launched today, Monday 22 January 2018, by the Westminster AchieveAbility Commission (WAC). Over the period of a year, evidence has been gathered on systemic barriers to employment for millions of potential employees who are neurodivergent (i.e. dyslexic, dyspraxic, autistic and/or with Attention Deficit Disorder).

This significant study from the Westminster AchieveAbility Commission on Recruitment is aligned with the UK Government’s stated aim of increasing the number of people with disabilities in employment, set out in the 'Improving Lives' Green Paper (2016) and Command Paper (2017). There could be no better time to highlight the abilities and workplace support needs of the large neurodivergent population and point to better recruitment and retention practices, for the benefit of the national economy.

The report will highlight a widespread lack of awareness, failures in government support and workplace discrimination - but also many examples of good practice as most neurodivergent people are able and skilled - it is recruitment processes that disable them.

Click here to see the press release.

Click here to see a visual summary of the report - the full report will be published today at this link.