Graham Donaldson's Review of Teacher Education launched

13 January 2011
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An important review of teacher education was published today (13th January 2011). It recommends wide-reaching changes in entry to teaching, teaching qualifications and continuing teacher education.

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Several of the extracts are of particular relevance to learners with dyslexia:

1. "Teachers should be confident in understanding and addressing the consequences of various barriers to children’s learning and their needs for additional support. To address the serious weaknesses in literacy and numeracy, for example, all teachers need an understanding of how children, including those with additional support needs such as dyslexia, acquire and continue to develop vital skills in these fundamentals of learning throughout their schooling." (page 19)

2. "All new teachers in Scotland should be aware of the key challenges we collectively face, such as improving standards of literacy and numeracy and doing more to overcome to effects of disadvantage and deprivation on educational outcomes, and contribute personally to addressing these. In addition to developing their subject and pedagogical knowledge and skills, therefore, all new teachers should be confident in their ability to:

  • teach the essential skills of literacy and numeracy;
  • address additional support needs (particularly dyslexia and autistic spectrum disorders);" (page 36)

3. "it is important to be explicit about the core knowledge, skills and competences that all teachers will continually refresh and improve as they move through their career and consistent in addressing them... currently they could include the following

  • Supporting learners, including the latest legislative and research-based advice on meeting the needs of all learners including those with additional support needs such as dyslexia or autism" (page 67)

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