Government Work and Health consultation

2 November 2016
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The UK government launched a national consultation on work and health on the 31st October 2016. The Government want to listen to the needs of people with disabilities and health conditions in order to bring about a positive culture change around work, health and disability. They are interested in hearing from people with dyslexia.

To find out more about the consultation and to take part, go to: The closing date is 17 February 2017. If you would like to contribute to Dyslexia Scotland's response to this consultation, please send your response to [email protected]  by Thursday 1 February.

You can also take part in one of our consultation events or a one to one discussion. Contact [email protected] to book.

To read the Green Paper, please click on the link to the Plain English version of the consultation.


Please click on the Easy Read summaries of the consultation below.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four