Edinburgh schoolgirl launches Blue Dyslexia ribbon campaign

22 October 2012
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An Edinburgh schoolgirl has been awarded a grant from Disney Friends for Change. She will use this grant to distribute blue ribbons to be worn during Dyslexia Awareness Week in November to mark support for dyslexic people.

Ellie is 12 years old. She is dyslexic. On Wednesday 24th October at 12.30 Ellie is taking the ribbons to the Scottish Parliament where she will personally give a ribbon to Dr. Alasdair Allan, Minister for Learning, Science and Scotland’s Languages. She will also distribute the blue ribbons for free in schools and libraries. Similar to wearing poppies for Remembrance Day and pink ribbons for breast cancer, she intends blue ribbons to raise awareness of dyslexia. Ellie said, “I am fed up of having to explain what dyslexia is to everyone I meet!”

Ellie wrote to Sir Jackie Stewart, President of Dyslexia Scotland and a well known dyslexic himself, telling him about the Disney grant and this project. He answered personally saying:

“We are wearing the ribbons, as we are trying our very best not only for ourselves, but for other people with learning problems to get ahead in life and receive some respect instead of what is sometimes disrespect if they don’t know we have dyslexia.”

Minister for Learning Alasdair Allan said: “Ellie’s work to raise awareness of dyslexia and the impact it can have on people’s lives is inspirational. I was fascinated to learn about her campaign to introduce the blue ribbon and I will wear mine with pride today and during dyslexia awareness week.”

Click here to see the full Press Release

Click here to see Sir Jackie wearing his ribbon