Dyslexia and Work: Consultation Events

10 January 2017
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What are the main things stopping employers keeping the talents of people with dyslexia in work?

How can we change the way people think about and act towards people with dyslexia, so that the change lasts a long time?

What support do people with dyslexia who have a job need to help them earn more money?


We have been asked for views for a national consultation* on:

- How to support more people with dyslexia into work

- How employers, the welfare system and services can work together to keep people in work

We are inviting you to share your views for this consultation.

Ways of taking part


- Take part in our group discussion at our offices -

24 January 2017 11.00 - 13.00 (booking is essential - please contact [email protected] 01786 435128)


- You can give your thoughts in a one to one discussion with our Employment Adviser in person, by phone, or by email (contact [email protected] 01786 435128)


- You can also contribute directly to the Government's consultation here


Read the Plain English version of the Green Paper here

Please click on the Easy Read summaries of the consultation below.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

*The Department for Work and Pensions, along with the Department of Health, have produced a Green paper called Improving lives: Work, Health and Disability. They have invited Dyslexia Scotland to give feedback from a dyslexia perspective.