Career advisers are learning how to support dyslexia

2 July 2021
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People with dyslexia can be assured that career professionals are learning about ways to support you on your career development journey.

The UK Career Development Institute (CDI) has included Dyslexia Scotland's career guidance resources in their National Occupational Standards CPD resource library.

National Occupational Standards (NOS) are the gold standard, or best practice, for professions to follow. Now, qualified and trainee career professionals working on 'NOS 4: Support individuals to identify and explore their career development needs and aspirations' will find a suite of Dyslexia Scotland materials in the CDI's resource library, including an online course on supporting dyslexic people with job applications and the Dyslexic Career Journeys book and videos.

People with dyslexia often find their career development journey tricky to navigate, especially if your learning difference has been unidentified or unsupported earlier in life, so it can be all the more important for career professionals to understand how they can help.

Dyslexia Scotland endeavours to share information, skills, knowledge and experience of dyslexia across partnerships. We are delighted that the UK Career Development Institue has included our resources in their member resource library and hope that this makes a difference for you on your next visit to a career professional.

For further information, resources or contacts to support dyslexia awareness in career guidance, contact our career coach Katie.