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A good tutor can help someone with dyslexia build their self confidence.

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**Please note that there is currently a backlog of enquiries for tutors.  We will get back to all requests submitted in due course.**

Dyslexia Scotland has a register of self-employed dyslexia specialist tutors who work with individuals of all ages. Whether you are looking for a tutor for yourself or a child, having the one-to-one attention of a tutor provides support to build your skills and gain confidence in learning.

Parents and Children

Parents who have found a tutor through Dyslexia Scotland often see huge improvements in their child's academic abilities and their desire to learn.

For parents and children, the benefits of hiring a tutor include:

  • Giving your child the chance to learn at his or her own speed, and to benefit from techniques created specifically for people with dyslexia.
  • Being able to focus on the specific things that your child is struggling with; and helping them prepare for classes at school. 
  • Getting help with revision, homework or coursework, and develop strategies to deal with problems independently.
  • Helping your child learn to enjoy learning.

Some quotes from parents:

"We never have to force our son to go to his tutor and it helps him so much to have the time one-to-one to go through what he's done at school - his confidence has grown considerably."

"The tutor was very intuitive. It was a huge help to his confidence and self-esteem to have someone understand his difficulties."

"My son struggled with times-tables and felt himself to be ‘thick’ because of this.  The tutor worked with him to identify ways he could quickly work out answers if he was not able to memorise them. They worked on positive strategies to ask for support at school and dealt with anxieties he had about the changes. This was all very supportive of my son and helped him to feel better about himself and see that there are lots of ways to learn not just one."

“Couldn’t recommend this tutor more, she has changed our boy’s life!”


As an adult, you may have a number of reasons for looking for a tutor. You may want help with literacy or study skills; you may be finding paperwork and forms challenging; or need help with organisational skills or time management.

For an adult, the benefits of employing a tutor include:

  • Getting support from someone who uses techniques created specifically for people with dyslexia.
  • Learning at your own speed and in a way that suits you.
  • Focusing on the specific things that are causing difficulty and identifying ways to manage these effectively.
  • Developing strategies and building your self-confidence to tackle problems independently.

Finding a Tutor

Dyslexia Scotland has a list of self-employed dyslexia specialist tutors. Our Finding a Tutor leaflet gives you some basic information about our Tutor List Service and how it operates.

To find a tutor in your area/online please complete this Tutor Enquiry Form.  

Sheila McLaughlin (Tutor Administrator). Telephone 07540 717 336 or email [email protected] 

A Dyslexia Scotland tutor who works with adults tells us:

"A student from a local university was given my name through Dyslexia Scotland.  I supported her throughout her course and she achieved a high standard in all her essays and assignments.  Two years later she graduated with distinction, informing me yet again that she could not have done it without my input as a tutor.  She is now working permanently in a hospice doing the kind of work she really wanted.  In her previous working life she had been a hairdresser but she felt she had more to give. The progress and achievement of this student makes my work as a tutor extremely worthwhile."

And from a dyslexic adult:

“The tutor has been inspiring and shown me many aspects of literacy which I feel I wasn’t given the time or space to develop as a child.  She has assisted with my learning confidence and belief that I can write a legible sentence, paragraph or report.”