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Dyslexia is the additional support need you are most likely to encounter. The earlier you identify this need, the better. Our training can help.

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Online Dyslexia Awareness CPD:

Introductory online modules for Community Learning and Development practitioners and teachers.

These modules have been developed and written to raise awareness of the impact of dyslexia and ways of supporting dyslexic learners in school, and in a post-school setting.    These are available to anyone to complete and are completely free of charge.  Please visit the Community Learning and Development CPD online module on the Open University website.

Free Udemy course for Career and Employability Coaches:

This video-based course has been created to provide career development practitioners with an overview of dyslexia, difficulties dyslexic clients may experience with application forms, and practical ways to support learning: The Udemy Career and Employability Coaches course.


Dyslexia Training

Dyslexia Scotland can provide dyslexia training for teachers, teaching assistants, employers, adults and parents - and others.  Whether you want to learn how to support dyslexia in your classroom or your workplace, our bespoke training can be tailored to your needs.

Dyslexia Scotland's training can address:

  • What is dyslexia?
  • Dyslexia strengths
  • How dyslexic people think and learn
  • Dyslexic challenges
  • Techniques, strategies and teaching methods for supporting dyslexic people
  • How to help dyslexic people at work
  • Removing barriers to learning and work

Costs (for up to 25 people):

  • 1-hour (online): £250
  • 2.5 hour (online): £350
  • Full day (online): £600

If the number of participants exceeds 25 people we would charge an additional £5 per person. 

There is an expectation that you will host the online training on your preferred platform.  In-person training is available and travel costs would be in addition to the above costs.

To plan your training with us, please complete our Bespoke Training Request form.

Dyslexia Scotland is certified by GTCS as a Professional Learning Award Organisation.

The workshop was excellent and a useful tool since the scenarios were very true to life.

Chief Inspector John Moore, West Lothian Police force