National legislation and policy context

The laws and supporting policies regarding dyslexia and inclusion are intended to make a difference.

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Education Scotland Review -  'Making Sense: Education for Children and Young People with Dyslexia in Scotland' 

In 2014, an important review of education for dyslexic children and young people in Scotland was carried out by Education Scotland. The report of that review included 5 important recommendations, which were carried out over the following 5 years. Dyslexia Scotland worked closely with all the partners as part of the Dyslexia 'Making Sense' Working Group set up by the Scottish Government. Details of group membership, minutes of meetings and progress can be found here.  

The Making Sense Final Report was launched by the Deputy First Minister Mr John Swinney on 30th January 2020. The report outlines the positive progress made in supporting the implementation of the five recommendations. An Executive Summary is also available. A range of resources set within the Scottish context were produced to support ongoing improvement in the identification and support of learners with dyslexia.  For further details visit this page on the Addressing Dyslexia toolkit.

Additional Support for Learning Act

The Additional Support for Learning Act 2004 set out the responsibilities education authorities and other agencies have for helping young people with additional support needs.

Amendments to the Act were agreed in 2009. These changes came into force in November 2010, giving the authorities new duties and parents new rights, such as:

Assessment: local authorities must respond to any reasonable requests for an assessment.

Provision: local authorities must make information available to all parents about the provision in their area for children with additional support needs.

Scottish Ministers have to gather and publish information every year about the number of children with additional support needs in each local authority area; the main reasons for them needing support; the types of support provided; and how much is being spent.


Dyslexia Scotland responds to a number of consultations affecting people with dyslexia. If you are interested in feeding your comments into our responses to public consultations, please keep an eye on the News section of this website for details of the latest consultations.

Education for learners with dyslexia

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Education report ‘Education for learners with dyslexia’ October 2008. Dyslexia Scotland was on the working group for this review. Download a copy here.

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