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Whether you’re applying for a new job, or want to raise awareness about dyslexia at work, we can help.

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Some quick guides

For an introduction to dyslexia and the world of work, have a look at some of our leaflets. Those of particular interest may be:

Applications and interviews for people with dyslexia

Employee Guide

Employers Guide

Dyslexia and ICT

Dyslexia at work - MacRoberts and Dyslexia Scotland leaflet

You can see all of our publications here

Why bring it up?

You don’t have to tell your employer about your dyslexia, either on your job application or when you begin work.

Often though, this can hold you back. Your employer is required to support you by putting reasonable adjustments in place, and can apply for funding to help you adjust.

Mentioning dyslexia in your application, or at interview, is also a good way to show your positive attitude. Back it up by talking about your strengths, showing how you’ve handled it in the past, and your potential employer will get a good impression of your ability.

Know your rights

Legally, dyslexia is a disability.

Under the Equalities Act it is unlawful for an employer to treat you less favourably because of your dyslexia.

If you feel you have been discriminated against, you can take action. It’s best to try and resolve any dispute within your organisation first, but if that doesn’t work you can take your case to an Employment Tribunal.

Our Employment Service: Careers guidance and employability support

Dyslexia Scotland recognises that many adults with dyslexia are increasingly in need of support with managing their career path.

Our Employment Service aims to help adults with dyslexia to fulfil their career potential, feel more optimistic for their future and feel more confident about their job prospects.

What we can offer:

We can help you to identify the services in your community which are able to help you.

We can also help  with one to one support from our Employment Adviser or Volunteer Career Mentors on:

  • Choosing  a career path
  • Help with job search – finding relevant vacancies

  • Help with making a CV

  • Help with filling out job applications

  • Careers Guidance – figuring out your personal strengths to help in choosing a career path

  • Interview technique and practice

For more information on our Employment Service or work related issues, please contact our Helpline on 0344 800 84 84

Information for Partners

Dyslexia Scotland recognises that many adults with dyslexia are increasingly in need of support with employment issues. We also recognise that there is a wealth of excellent support and opportunity for those adults, from smaller localised projects to large enterprises. We believe that we can influence positive change across employers and support services by collaborating with the organisations who are passionate about enabling adults with dyslexia to fulfil their potential, and by championing best practice across Scotland.

Do you have a positive story about dyslexia and employment matters? Or are you interested in developing dyslexia friendly services and work places?

Get in touch and tell us more.

You can also help by contributing to our mapping survey. This exercise is highlighting what provision is available for adults with dyslexia, and importantly, what other support we need to develop.

(Link to survey)

The differences we hope our Employment Service will make to job seekers and employees with dyslexia are

  • Jobseekers are progressing along the employability pipeline

  • Job Seekers are optimistic for their future and feel more confident about their job prospects

  • Job seekers, employees and employers are expressing their individual and collective voice

For more information about our Employment Service, or to tell us more about what you do, get in touch with

For guidance on in-work dyslexia related issues, contact our Helpline Advisers


Scottish Trades Union Congress Dyslexia Guide

This Dyslexia guide has been developed to help Union Learning Representatives  support and signpost people in the workplace who may have dyslexia, and to encourage them to contact relevant organisations that can provide the expertise required. 
Membership of the Scottish Trades Union Dyslexia Group includes representatives from various affiliated unions, Scottish Union Learning, the STUC Disabled Workers’ Committee, Dyslexia Scotland and Dyslexia Scotwest. 
To download the Dyslexia Guide from the Scottish Union Learning website visit: 

For more information on dyslexia in the workplace, check out the employers’ section.