Blue Ribbon Yarn Bombing

Yarn Bombing has been seen in many public places in recent years. I have been inspired by these activities and Ellie’s Blue Ribbons for Dyslexia Awareness Week (6-11 Nov in Scotland) and the photograph below shows the result. I decided to yarn bomb some of the educational and organisational equipment which can cause problems for people with dyslexia. To my fellow ‘Made By Dyslexia‘ individuals, I say never forget that your unique neurodiverse thinking can overcome the difficulties that dyslexia causes. To everyone who is curious about diversity and how each person’s unique talents can be used to create a better world, I would encourage you to check out the wonderful resources offered by Dyslexia Scotland. I hope Ellie’s (and my own) blue ribbons will be worn proudly by everyone and anyone. And when people see them they will be reminded to focus on each person’s talents and not their shortcomings. May they also be a reminder that equality in some situations can be anything but fair. Situations where each individual’s strengths come together and where a few reasonable adjustments are in place to level the playing field, could create magic and wonderful things. Doreen Kelly, Dyslexia Scotland Member and Volunteer Blue_ribbons_yarn