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Information on how to join the Dyslexia Scotland Assessor List.

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Do you have the skills to assess children and/or adults for SpLD/Dyslexia?

Would you be interested in joining Dyslexia Scotland's list of recommended Assessors?

In 2019, 49% of enquiries to Dyslexia Scotland's Helpline were from people asking for an assessment to identify whether the challenges they were experiencing could be dyslexia or another type of SpLD.  Dyslexia Scotland is seeking to expand its list of Assessors to give enquirers access to a suitably qualified person able to assess them.

Click here to find out more about Dyslexia Scotland's criteria. 

If you feel you meet the standard Dyslexia Scotland expects from Assessors, would like more information, to ask questions or to begin the process of joining our list, contact Sharon on (01786) 435 120 or email [email protected]