A new perspective on new year resolutions

The festive season is brilliant, isn’t it? Full of yummy festive food (one never seems to stop eating), the festive TV and movies that all have the same message (or are very depressing because they refuse to see the magic of Christmas), oh yes and all your family and friends. This is all absolutely marvelous: but do you ever get in to the middle of that week between Christmas and New Year and completely lose track of which day it is? Might I suggest you take some time out each day to explore how to become more yourself. I am not suggesting a huge change right here and now. I am not suggesting that you become a completely different person in 2018. And most of all, I am not suggesting that this year you will keep all of your New Year’s resolutions. However, how about trying the following:- BOXING DAY (26th Dec.) = Figure out what you LOVE to do. Notice I haven’t said point out what you are good at nor have I asked you to acknowledge what everyone else says you should do with YOUR life. If you are having trouble with this, think of what you loved as a wee kid. Stuff that you had to be dragged away from. Wait, wait, stop that inner critic who is reminding you of authority figures (or role models) who told you your finished products were not good. Think of all ground-breakers :- they do not just churn out what everyone else thinks is good! Do they? 27th December = Sit down and start writing some lists, draw some mind maps or just get something concrete down on paper (or into some document(s), e.g. word-processing, publishing or any other type of software you are comfortable using). In my experience, allowing ideas just to go round and around in my head it just gets bigger and bigger and more and more difficult to put into practice. 28th December = Now you have some idea(s) about what you are dealing with, start doing some research (probably on the net). Google techniques, materials needed, practices required etc. If you are very interesting and have 2 or 3 or even more ideas, have a look into all possibilities. Top tip: don’t forget YouTube – lots of people upload lots of useful ‘how-to’ videos there. 29th December = I suggest it’s time to gather up any Christmas money and/or vouchers you received and if weather (and health) permit, head out to the sales. Or just get on the shopping websites. And see about buying the things you need to start/continue/re-start your chosen talent. Lets face it a bit of retail therapy never goes wrong. 30th December = Have a go. Try out all those lovely new things. Or try on any new sports gear you bought yesterday. OK, OK if everything’s going just a bit too quickly: re-visit any or all of the above steps. 31st December = Make some special New Year’s resolutions. Instead of making resolutions to be someone else, to change yourself, to make yourself like celebs: make resolutions to be more yourself and to acknowledge what you love. Lets face it you will succeed if you resolve to be you: if you try to be someone else you are far, far more likely to fail. 1st January = If you are awake and have energy practice your resolution(s) and/or make plans about how you will. Enjoy this New Year where you will try to defeat self-destructive habits by developing your true self. Doreen Kelly Dyslexia Scotland member and volunteer Be Yourself